Where is my FutureLighter order?

You can track your order on with your unique tracking code we have send you in your confirmation E-mail.

Please note that we have had some huge delays caused by Covid-19.

How do you light something with the FutureLighter?

With the FutureLighter electric plasma lighter you light something very simple. At the push of a button, a "Plasma beam" is released, which is 900 degrees within 1 millisecond. If it comes into contact with something, it catches fire!


How expensive is a FutureLighter?

An electric plasma lighter from FutureLighter is on average 21,99 euro with good prices and fast shipping. The FutureLighter is very advantageous, the average person spends between 50 and 70 euros a year on lighters. With a FutureLighter you never have to buy a new lighter or gas again, so you save a lot of money!

Can the FutureLighter withstand rain and wind?

Yes, the FutureLighter is the best storm proof lighter, no matter how windy it is, the FutureLighter always works! The FutureLighter electric plasma lighter can also withstand splashing water such as rain. 


Is the FutureLighter safe?

The FutureLighter is safer than normal lighters. This makes it easy to light everything without hurting your thumb. It's also easy to keep the FutureLighter upside down, with a normal lighter the flame will go up, a FutureLighter doesn't have this.


How do I charge the FutureLighter on?

Because the FutureLighter is an electrically rechargeable plasma lighter, you NEVER have to throw it away or fill it with gas. You can easily charge them on your laptop or in the socket via USB. This takes about 45m before it is full and then you can ignite it 250+ times.


What's with my order?

When you place your order, you will receive the following:                                                         

  • The electric plasma lighter: FutureLighter.                                         
  • A micro USB charger                                                                               
  • A luxury gift box                                                                                           
  • A manual



I want a FutureLighter with my brand/logo

In the companies section we explain how you can get a batch of FutureLighters with your own logo or name on it.



What is the shipping time of the Future Lighter?

All orders are processed in Amsterdam

Because we love a greener and cleaner world we do not want to ship with a lot of Co2 combined. That is why the average shipping time is around 5-10 days worldwide. (It can occur that this will be faster)

Can I return my FutureLighter?    

The FutureLighter can be returned within 14 days with a valid reason. You can do this by sending a mail with an explanation to:


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- Team FutureLighter <3