About FutureLighter

FutureLighter has already ensured that 681645 plastic lighters have not ended up in nature.

We developed the plasma lighter "FutureLighter" because we wanted to start a revolution in the lighter world. We wanted a product that was good for the environment and therefore a rechargeable lighter that would prevent pollution. In addition, we wanted to create something that would make people's lives simpler: this is how the "FutureLighter" electric lighter started !

💨 Wind-Proof
The Plasma lighter from FutureLighter can withstand any wind force! That's a big advantage over a lighter with a flame. You can light something anywhere, anytime! It is therefore an ideal plasma lighter for tons of activities.
(It's also splash-proof!)

🔋 Rechargeable
Is your lighter empty? Then you have to go to the store and buy a new one. This is NOT the case with the FutureLighter. You can charge it with the free included cable! This is a great advantage of the FutureLighter Plasma lighter.

💰 Investment for the future
On average, people spend 70€ per year on lighters and gas/gasoline. You only buy the FutureLighter once and you can use it for the rest of your life by recharging it! This saves you a lot of money in the long run.

✈️ Airport Proof
Normally you have to throw away your lighter and buy a new one when you go on a trip with the plane. The FutureLighter plasma lighter travels with you! The FutureLighter is the ONLY lighter that gets through the Airport Customs

♻️ Environmentally Friendly
Every year 2.5 billion lighters end up in nature and often in the stomach of an animal or in a beautiful nature reserve. You don't throw a FutureLighter away! You just charge it. Normal lighters also repel co2 and butane gas. The FutureLighter is a plasma lighter, and does not have this problems.

😍 Beautiful
Because of the beautiful design and the beautiful colors of FutureLighter you want to be seen with it! It is made of premium aluminium and that makes it a nice unique lighter!

⭐️High quality
We test all lighters before they are sent out. The quality of the lighters is therefore very high due to the expensive materials! (There is no plastic involved) And if something is wrong, you can always contact us.